Our expertise in Social Security Law

Deltalis Avocats advises businesses on the following areas of social security law:

  • Scope of social security liabilities
  • Contribution base
  • Disputes with the "URSSAF" (Social Security and Family Benefits Department) and other social security offices
  • Workplace accidents and occupational illnesses
  • Gross negligence
  • Incapacity and invalidity
  • Basic retirement benefits
  • Additional retirement benefits
  • Supplementary retirement benefits
  • Provident funds and guaranteed healthcare costs

We also provide assistance on contentious matters before social security tribunals, incapacity disputes tribunals and the French Court of Appeal. We work with you to determine the best strategy to defend your interests, and represent you before the courts with conviction, determination, thoroughness, and effectiveness.

Our firm has expertise in international Social Security Law (secondments, expatriation, working in multiple countries).