Our Fees

In accordance with regulations applicable to the legal profession, lawyers’ fees are agreed upon by the lawyer with their clients.

Lawyers fees principally reflect the level of qualification and the reputation of the lawyer, the complexity of the matter, the costs that will need to be incurred and the particular expertise the lawyer has in the relevant area of law. They also factor in the necessary time and the urgency of the matter.

Deltalis Avocats generally charges on the basis of an hourly rate agreed with the client.

On certain advisory matters, we may agree on a fixed fee.

For contentious matters we may agree, in addition to a basic fee, to a bonus payment based on success.

Clients are asked to make payments on account at the beginning of a matter.

Fees are then invoiced on a monthly basis.

Before the lawyer begins work, a fee agreement will be entered into by the Firm and the client so that the client can clearly understand the amount of the fees and the invoicing procedures.

Fees and charges are subject to VAT, except where otherwise specified in the French General Tax Code.

Disputes concerning lawyers’ fees are heard by the Bâtonnier de l’Ordre des Avocats de Strasbourg, 3 Rue du Général Frère – 67000 Strasbourg.